Bitcoin wallet chain that lets you transfer money with your phone has a $50,000 bounty

A group of investors and technology experts announced on Monday they had secured a $1.5 million bounty on a new wallet chain for using Bitcoin to send money.

The bounty is part of a broader effort by the bitcoin community to create new digital wallets that are backed by physical assets and that can be used by anyone with access to a smartphone.

The goal is to help incentivize users to upgrade their wallet apps and secure their wallets with physical coins.

Bitcoin wallets have become a hot topic among the tech community since they are used in conjunction with many popular apps to help protect money from hackers.

But they have also been criticized for their high fees and low privacy.

The Bitcoin blockchain, the software behind the cryptocurrency, is a ledger of transactions, called a “block,” that keeps track of how much people have sent to each other and what the value of those transactions is.

Bitcoin wallets also make it easier for people to transfer money between themselves and each other.

The new bitcoin wallet chain is designed to work by adding a third layer to the blockchain.

The wallet is an online service that users can sign up for that lets them send and receive money from other users using their mobile phones.

The users can then use the new wallet to send bitcoin to other people’s wallets.

The payment is secured with the digital wallet’s digital fingerprint.

The company behind the new bitcoinwalletchain is the Coinbase team, a group of technologists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who were recently valued at $1 billion by Sequoia Capital.

Coinbase, founded by former Facebook engineer Reid Hoffman, is one of the first companies to create a bitcoin wallet for the mobile platform.

The team has already raised $200 million in funding from a number of large investors, including the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Union Square Ventures.

The group announced the bounty on Twitter and said that the total bounty is $50 million.

They also say the total value of the bounty is around $50 billion.

The announcement comes just weeks after Coinbase launched a new Bitcoin wallet called Trezor, which adds additional security features and new features.

The Trezors wallet, which launched last year, is also backed by the Coinable Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that has invested in bitcoin startups.

The Trezorus team has said the new coins are backed with physical, untraceable coins.

The Coinable platform said that Trezoring is an experiment to see if the digital asset can be a secure means of payment for its users.

Coinable, which is backed by Kleiner, Union Square and other big investors, has been looking for ways to use its technology to improve the digital currency’s security, it said in a blog post.

“We believe the TrezOR protocol is one tool in a new class of decentralized, digital assets with high security and low transaction costs,” Coinable said.