The slim wallet is now the standard of wallet for most Australians.

But what does it actually look like?

We asked some of our experts to reveal the secret to its timeless appeal.

What’s in a wallet?

A wallet is essentially a pouch with a key inside.

The key unlocks a door, the pouch has an elastic strap around the keyhole, and a zipper that closes around the bottom.

There are also three slots at the top for cards, receipts, and other items.

When it comes to the slim wallet, there’s not a lot of room inside.

There’s a keyhole on the side, a strap that wraps around the top, and the elastic strap at the bottom that makes up the bottom of the pouch.

The slim wallet comes in two styles.

There is the traditional slim wallet which is made of leather, and there is the eco-friendly slim wallet made of a combination of leather and PVC.

There isn’t a lot more information on the eco model, but it has a zipper at the base.

It is made out of recycled materials.

It also comes in a range of sizes and colours.

There is also a range available with three pockets and two zippered compartments.

There are two versions of the slim and eco slim wallets.

The traditional slim is the standard and the eco slim is a slim version that has a metal zipper and features a rubber back for added grip.

You can buy the slim at stores such as Woolworths, as well as online at Amazon.

A keychain wallet is one of the few wallets available in Australia that can be used as a keychain or mobile wallet.

This is a more modern wallet that can hold a number of different things.

The main draw is the extra space in the top pocket for your wallet, so it can be folded and stashed away.

It can also be stored in a pocket, as shown above.

There’s also a smartwatch-style wallet that is made from PVC.

This wallet is meant to hold an iPhone, a credit card, and an Android phone, as it folds into a wallet.

The eco wallet is made by the same company as the slim.

It is the most eco-conscious of the eco wallets.

It’s made from recycled materials, so there’s a lot less space for your phone or wallet.

It also comes with two pockets and a zippable compartment.

There you go, your favourite wallet.

What are your favourites?