An international team of researchers from The Open University and The New York Times have compiled a list of minimalist wallets and cards for women, which they call The Mad Men of the World.

The Mad MENs are a list made up of minimalist products designed to save time, money and emotions for the women in your life, which includes the following: – A $10.99 minimalist wallet with a magnetic strip and clip that can be clipped into your shirt or jeans to save money on your next trip.

– A free $15.99 wallet that comes with a clip and magnetic strip, but also comes with free access to a website that will let you buy the essentials you need to stay in touch with your family, get the most out of your online shopping and more.

– An $11.99 credit card with a unique QR code, that can then be scanned into your wallet to buy groceries, or more importantly, access to an online shopping site.

– $25.99, $30.99 and $35.99 smart phones with Bluetooth or NFC that can scan your wallet and store your credit cards on your phone.

– Free $5.99 gift cards that can help you buy groceries or pay for school supplies or other essentials.

– The $7.99 Apple Watch with its built-in GPS and accelerometer.

– Apple Pay, a debit card that’s easy to use and stores your payment information.

– Two $2,000 gift cards to help you pay for a movie ticket.

– Three $5,000 Apple Pay gift cards for friends and family.

– One $10,000 credit card to buy coffee or tea at Starbucks.

– Four $10 gift cards, one for every $1,000 you spend.

– You’ll be able to browse the online shopping store, get directions, buy things online or even use it to book flights and other expenses.

– For $25 you can get a $50 Amazon gift card to gift a friend a gift card.

The Mad MEN collection of minimalist tools are not just for women; they’re also aimed at men too.

You can read more about the Mad MEN by clicking here. 

The MadMENs are part of an international study by the Open University’s Institute for Digital Marketing and Public Health and the New York the Times, which is focused on women’s empowerment and wellbeing.

The study has been commissioned by the American Academy of Actuaries, a non-profit organisation that researches health, wellbeing and the environment.

The research was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Government, The Open Group, The New Yorker Foundation and The Bill and Melinda Gatemore Foundation. 

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