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When you need to put on a disguise for your fanny bag, there’s a fanny wallet for you

BOB ROBERTSON/Associated Press (CBS News) A woman in a burberry purse says she has no plans to return to her home in North Carolina, and her only fanny is a burqa, which she bought with her own money to make a statement.

The woman, who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity, said she was in North Charleston, North Carolina when she came across the news on social media that a woman named Dontae Jones had been shot and killed at a mall.

She immediately knew it was the right time to get her fanny back, she said.

She was also concerned about the safety of her daughter, who is a sophomore at an African-American high school in North Charlotte, where the shooting took place.

The woman said her daughter is a regular at the mall, but this time she did not feel safe because of the protests and other unrest going on in the area.

The burqa is not a traditional hijab, and the woman is not Muslim.

She said she did notice a woman at the shopping center wearing a burka the day before the shooting, but she didn’t notice it until she saw it again this week.

The burqa was a symbol of the oppression of Muslim women, she added.

She has no intention of returning to the mall to buy the fanny.

She said she decided to do so after seeing the news about Jones.

She told CBS News she’s been shopping in the mall regularly since her daughter was born, but said she would rather not leave.