Hacker News user qiwii says he’s had the experience of “booting QR codes on my phone in my pocket” and he’s made about $200.

“The money went straight to my wallet.”

Qiwii claims he’s a “regular” user of QR codes but admits he hasn’t been using them for years.

Qiwiqi says he only found QR codes for his own personal use and that he doesn’t use them for any other purpose.

He also claims that QR codes have “huge potential for money laundering” and that “a QR code can easily be used to make a lot of money.”

Qiyi’s blog post, which was translated by Forbes contributor Siyang Boon, has since been deleted.

He claims he has been “filed a complaint” against Hacker News, a website that was one of the first to report on Qiwiwi’s wallet hack.

In a video posted to YouTube by his team, he claims to have spent $1,000 in bitcoins (around $5,000 US) in the process of finding QR codes.

Qiyiqi said he has contacted the company that owns Hacker News to request refunds.

He has also asked Hacker News for “a refund” for the bitcoins he says he spent on the QR code hack.

Qihwi says he wants to use the funds to help his parents who suffer from “severe anxiety”.

“My parents are in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease, and I am trying to help them,” he said.

“It would be great if people could help me with the funds that I spent.”

The QR codes used to unlock the QR codes can be found on QR code boards on the internet.

QR codes are also available on the App Store.

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