Men’s wallets are a popular way to store and use credit cards and cash.

But now there’s an all-new wallet for women called the passport wallet.

The wallet is available in two styles, the passport style with a pouch and the ladies style with no pouch.

The passport style is available on the burberry website for £199.99.

The ladies passport style has a smaller pouch than the passport, but also comes with a larger travel wallet.

It comes with no wallet.

Men’s passports are typically used to pay for things like flights and hotel accommodation.

The burberry passport wallet is a stylish new style for women.

It’s not a cheap wallet but the pouch is a good deal for the money.

Read more:Burberry has announced that its wallet will be on sale from today.

Burberry has also said it will be launching a range of travel and travel accessories.

The range will include a travel wallet and travel bag.

Burberry passport style pouch: £199 (burberry website) Women’s passport style no pouch: $299 ( Men’s passport no pouch $399 ( ) Burberry passport size pouch: 0.7in (9.5cm) Men: 0in (4.3cm) Women: 0¼in (2.9cm)Burberry’s new wallet, priced at £199, includes a travel bag, travel pouch, a travel phone and a travel card holder.