Louis CK, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship may not be perfect, but the comedian and the rapper may have one thing in common: They love the same kind of music.

The two are in the midst of a battle for the hearts and minds of hip-hop fans, and CK and West may just be their most loyal fans ever.

Here’s what you need to know about their friendship.


CK and the “The Last of Us” star are still best friends, even after the death of Kanye West.

According to the Daily Beast, CK and Kardashian met when CK was doing stand-up in his hometown of Cincinnati.

They started hanging out and even had a brief flirtation when CK asked her out for drinks in his hotel room.

“I thought it was funny,” CK told the Daily Mail.

“But after a few drinks, he started getting serious.

And I started getting nervous.”

She told the newspaper that CK and he began a conversation about music, and the pair bonded over the genre’s dark themes and themes of rebellion.

CK said that he was “excited” by Kanye’s “unapologetic darkness.”


CK thinks Kanye West is the greatest rapper of all time.

CK has been friends with Kanye since he was 14 years old and they shared a mutual admiration for his style.

They met at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles and became fast friends.

CK even recorded an album with Kanye for The Life of Pablo and his “Gorgeous” album was the #1 selling album in 2017.


CK is a big fan of West’s “Famous” song.

He told the Los Angeles Times that he would have to “put my money on Kanye.”

CK even said that West’s song was “one of my favorite songs ever.”

He even sang along with the song during a “Fame” performance in October.


CK likes Kanye West so much that he wrote an entire album of his own.

CK told People that Kanye’s songs are “all about love, about how you feel.”


CK’s “Billionaire” album went on to sell 1.5 million copies.

He is one of only seven comedians who have sold over 1 million copies of their albums, according to the Los Angles Times.


CK still gets emotional when he listens to Kanye West’s music.

He has a particular appreciation for Kanye’s song “F*ckin'” from the rapper’s debut album, which he said was one of the “best songs I’ve ever heard.”

He said he would often “just be in the studio” when Kanye was on tour and he would “see him perform.”

He also said that his fans would come up to him and shout out the “F**kin’ Famous” song, which made him tear up. 7.

CK was inspired by the death last year of West.

“When he passed away, I thought that would be a good time to be able to make a song about him and it was,” CK said.

“That song was ‘F**ckin’ Kanye,'” he added.

“The first song I ever wrote for Kanye.

That song is called ‘F*kin Kanye.’

It’s a love song.”


CK loves to talk about the history of hip hop.

In 2017, CK spoke about how he and Kanye first got together in Cincinnati when he was 17.

He said that they first “just talked” about how to perform.

CK also said he had “a very special relationship” with Kanye and that they were “always trying to be different.”

He added that they got into music together and he thought Kanye’s music was the best ever.

“We just started going to shows together and that was it,” he said.

He added: “We always had a good relationship.

And it was never a big deal.

It was just us and him.”


CK, West and Kardashian are still fans of each other.

CK tweeted that he and West “got a little tired of each others antics” during their feuds last year.

They also shared the fact that they still keep in touch via Snapchat.


CK had a lot of fun with Kanye’s album, “F***ing Famous.”

He wrote that Kanye was a “greatest artist of all times.”

CK also praised Kanye’s new album, the Life of Kanye.

“Life of Kanye is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time,” he wrote.

“He’s really pushing the envelope, and I love the new album.”


CK once played “Flamin’ Buddies” on a tour bus.

He shared this video on Instagram of him and Kanye playing the song.

“Flukin’ Buddie” is about how West’s brother got sick and died in 2016.

“It’s about getting the medicine back, getting that medicine and getting on the road again,” he shared.


CK played with Kanye on “The Late

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