A clever wallet that can be used to unlock a phone without having to enter a passphrase.

A new wallet with a built-in passcode and a new ‘mover’ app that enables users to swap between different wallet models can now be found on the App Store.

The new app, Mighty Wallet, uses ‘machines that can take care of all your wallet needs’, says a post on the website of app maker TNW India.

‘It is an open source, open source wallet app.’

The wallet, available for free, is designed to allow users to easily swap out different wallets without having the use of a pass code or entering a pass phrase.

It works on the Android platform and can be downloaded from Google Play.

The app allows users to store and manage their wallet in the app and then, to activate the new wallet on the phone, they must enter their passphrase, a process that can often be cumbersome and time-consuming.TNW has now added a new feature to the app called ‘moved wallet’, which lets users easily switch between two wallets by using the ‘moves’ button on the app.

This allows users, for instance, to switch between the Mellow Wallet and Mighty Wallet at any time.

‘Moved wallet’ allows users simply to tap the two icons on the screen, then enter their wallet address and the phone will show up as a wallet address on the device.’

Moved wallets are very secure because they have a strong authentication system,’ said TNW in an email to The Reg.’

We have built in strong verification processes and are constantly updating the security of the Moved Wallet.’

Mighty Wallet will be available for sale in the next few weeks.