Posted January 23, 2020 06:21:49How do you get rid, in a pinch, of your phone’s security pin?

One of the first things I did was get rid in a couple of hours of my own free time.

I had recently acquired a Lumia 950, a device I’m happy to report has a good battery life.

I went to Settings and turned off the “Allow me to reset the security PIN” option.

That was a bit of a hassle, but it meant that I was able to disable the “Ask me for my password when logging in” feature.

This was a fairly easy change.

I could also set the PIN to expire automatically every month or so, which is nice, since my phone isn’t going to last that long.

I also disabled the “Use a fingerprint scanner” option, which would prevent a phone from connecting to the internet and getting caught up in the various fingerprint-scanning apps out there.

This is a phone that I actually think has a solid camera.

You can see the Lumia 950’s front and back cameras in action on the right.

I’ve never used a front camera before, but that’s ok.

The front camera captures a photo of the display, but I usually prefer to look at the phone’s screen.

I’m a bit disappointed in the camera on the 950, though.

It takes a pretty bad picture.

It’s a bit disappointing that the Lumia 650’s camera doesn’t look as good, but you get the idea.

It’s a small camera, but the 950’s is a tad smaller.

When I first installed the 950 I got a notification from Nokia that the device would not start automatically if I attempted to log in.

I was pretty surprised.

But I figured that this was just an error message from the phone, and it was probably just me being lazy.

Nope, it turns out that I had enabled the “Auto start after boot” feature, which will automatically start up the phone when you plug in the power adapter.

Once I was logged in, I was immediately prompted to change my PIN.

This is not something I normally do, and I didn’t have much experience with it.

I simply had to enter the PIN on the phone itself and hit enter.

This wasn’t the first time I’d done it this way, but this was the first phone I’d actually done this before.

I found myself getting stuck in the “Reset PIN” button, and had to manually enter a PIN every time I tried to log into the device.

In all honesty, it wasn’t a huge deal, but there was a lot of confusion.

I wasn’t sure which PIN I was supposed to use, and the other options were all in the same place, so I had to scroll through them to find the correct PIN.

The app suggested I try “Password reset” but it wasn`t working, so when I tried that I got the error message that “Password is too long” instead.

It was kind of annoying.

As I said, this was one of the very first Lumia phones I owned, so the issue wasn’t so big.

But it was a little disappointing that I wasn`T able to get it to work.

Nokia didn`t have a good response to that particular bug.

But this is the second time I`ve gotten this error, and Nokia did not respond to any of my questions about how it could be fixed.

I guess I could just go back and try it on another phone.

I do know that if you are having the same problem, you can try going back and manually entering your PIN on another device.

It should work on any Lumia.

The Lumia 950 does not have a camera, so if you want a camera you’ll have to look elsewhere.

My experience with the 950 was pretty disappointing, but Nokia did do a pretty good job of responding to any questions.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Lumia 750, you should definitely reach out to Nokia directly.

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