In a world where cash is king, $1 coins can be used to buy a meal or a drink, to pay for your monthly bills or even a few drinks.

But what if you can use them to buy the stuff you really want?

This is the case with rachel cruize wallet, a new iPhone-sized wallet that has a special slot for $1 notes, and which is designed to store $1 cash in a safe.

There’s a nice red, yellow and blue theme on the inside, and the rachel wallet has a design that’s a little more futuristic than what we’ve seen on the market.

The rachel wallets design, which is called “the first” wallet, is not a new design, but the company behind it, rachel cash, says it is “the most innovative wallet yet”.

The rachels wallet is $1 note-sized, which means it fits into the palm of your hand.

The slot is at the end of the note, and when you press down on it, it will unlock it.

When you’re ready to spend, the slot will slide back, and you’ll be able to see what you’ve got in your pocket.

The app features a special feature called “pay at home” that lets you use your mobile phone to make cash transactions.

To use the feature, you just press a button on the top of the rachel wallet.

You’ll be taken to your wallet, and then the app will show you how much you have in your account, along with how much cash you’ve spent.

Once you’ve paid, the app lets you tap the $1 button again to open the cash window.

You can now swipe the slot around to see where you left off.

To open a bank account, you’ll just swipe the note from the bottom of the slot, and tap the “bank” button to open your account.

To pay for a taxi, you can tap the slot at the back of the wallet, which will show a QR code that you can scan to pay the fare.

You don’t have to use the app to pay.

The cash can be spent anywhere, and if you’re not in a hurry, you could just use the cash in your phone to pay your bills and take out a new wallet.

If you’re using your iPhone to make the transactions, the $5 or $10 bills in the wallet are compatible with your iPhone.

For the time being, the iPhone is still the best way to pay with cash, but it could be possible to adopt the cash as an alternative to plastic.

The $1 coin can also be used as a credit card.

As soon as you swipe the money, it’s converted into a “coin” which can then be used on any debit or credit card that supports a QRcode.

The new rachles wallet is currently available to buy at $129 on the App Store for $199.

You won’t have the option of carrying cash with you in your wallet in the future, but you can always use the $2 note-size cash in the pocket of your jeans.

rachelcash via New Scientist

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