The Popsockets Electrum wallet is a stylish, feminine looking wallet.

It features a rounded shape, with the Popsos logo and the word “Popsocket” printed in red on the front.

It also comes with a soft, textured interior and can be used with a variety of currencies, including Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars and Japanese Yen.

The Ponds has been launched by Popsocks founder and co-founder, Alix D’Anastasio, with a price tag of $50 (£35) for a basic model.

She says the wallet is designed to help people find themselves, without being seen as too extravagant.

“I’m a person who has always wanted to get into fashion, to have a stylish look and a personality, and Popsock has been that,” she told Al Jazeera.

“When I was starting out, I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to a fancy event and go into this high-end store, I want to do something simple and go home with my wallet’.”

When I got to Popsocs, I realized I could do it, so I got it, and I started taking photos of it, just to see if I could make it myself.”‘

“It’s got a cute little logo and a very feminine look. “

There is definitely something sexy about the way it looks and feels,” she said.

“It’s got a cute little logo and a very feminine look.

I love that.”

The wallet is now available for pre-order, with an estimated delivery of October.

Alix is looking to sell more Popsoks Electrum wallets, and she’s also planning to offer a limited edition Popsocked Popsuit for the same price as the Electrums.

Popslocked Popsuits are available for $90 (£50) from the Pootsocks website.

‘I love that’ “POPSOCKS’ has also launched a special PopsOCKS Mens Pops Wallet, which is made of polyester with a silver and gold logo.

POPSOCKs’ co-founders are currently working on a limited-edition Popsocker Mens Pumpsuit, but Alix said they were looking to introduce more models.

She told Aljazeera: “We’re planning to make more POPSocks Mens Pokesuits in the future, but right now it’s just a Popso.”

‘It’s a bit of a niche product’ The Electron is a slightly smaller version of Popsucks Electrum. “

We are really looking forward to bringing more of these models to the market,” she added.

‘It’s a bit of a niche product’ The Electron is a slightly smaller version of Popsucks Electrum.

“POPSUITS POPS” has not yet released any further information about the Electromo wallet.

Aljadeed, a POPSock user, said that the Electrons design and size was “a bit of an niche product”.

“I don’t think the POPSocket Electrum is very practical for everyday wear,” he told Alijadeed.

“But I do like that it has the Pompos logo on the back, and that it’s a little bit feminine.

I think that is an asset for the Electra… because it has that feminine look.”

Popsocoin’s Electra Wallet is also a feminine design with the word Popsu and the Popes logo printed on the side.

Alike it is available for Pre-order on Popsoots’ website, and it costs $65 (£50).

The Electra has not launched any further details, but it is expected to be available in mid-October.