A pair of jeans is great for those days you can’t walk around in them, or you just need a break from wearing them for a few hours, but the average male is not one to wear them every day.

According to a recent survey by Men’s Health, only 37% of men own a pair, with women far more likely to own a small collection of pairs.

Women are also more likely than men to have multiple pairs.

Men are also less likely to wear jeans as they prefer a more fitted look, according to a study published by Glamour.

Men’s jeans are also considered to be more “feminine,” according to Glamor.

That is, men are more likely “to consider jeans as a way to show off and be masculine, but as they wear them more and more often, they become more conservative and more masculine.”

In addition, men often wear the jeans when they are traveling to or staying at a hotel.

The men’s jeans have become the “go to” outfit for traveling in the last few years.

According the survey, about 40% of women have worn a pair to a party and 70% of the men have worn them.

But when it comes to travel, men aren’t so much into traveling as they are staying at hotels.

According a recent study by Grist, more than half of men stay at hotels when traveling and almost a quarter of women stay at a hostel when traveling.

Women’s travel outfits, meanwhile, have gotten more conservative, according the survey.

Women were asked to pick out their top travel items and the most feminine items they would like to wear.

The top items on the list include a simple black shirt with white stripes and a black skirt with white flowers.

“I love my denim jeans, but I want to get rid of the ones that are too plain and I want a simple look,” says Emily.

She was recently at a party where she was wearing a black blazer and a white dress shirt and she felt uncomfortable wearing jeans at that party because they were too casual.

“You don’t have to wear a suit, but you do have to be able to be comfortable in a suit and not feel like you’re not,” she says.

“The dress shirt makes me feel really relaxed, but also kind of vulnerable.

I don’t want to wear it with anything too formal.”

Emily is not alone.

A 2016 survey by the Travel Industry Association found that women are more than twice as likely as men to wear their own jeans on a daily basis.

They were also asked to consider whether their own outfits were “more feminine or less feminine,” as opposed to wearing the outfit “that reflects their identity.”

“The survey shows that we are not seeing a huge gender shift in the way we dress or how we live our lives,” says Dr. Mark Zaid, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Rutgers University.

“This is a big shift, but not necessarily a big one.”

The survey found that men are also becoming more conservative in their own style.

Women who prefer a suit or dress shirt are more inclined to wear trousers, and women who prefer jeans are more prone to wearing a button-down shirt.

This is because the button-downs, which have become a standard wardrobe item for women, are not comfortable for men.

Zaid says that in a recent interview, he observed a man in a white tuxedo at a cocktail party who was wearing jeans.

“He’s wearing jeans because he’s a conservative man, but he has a lot of pride in his jeans,” he said.

“So he’s not going to wear anything that would be masculine or feminine.”

Zaid believes this trend is partly a result of the Internet.

“We’ve created this environment where people are free to make their own choices,” he says.

As for men, they are also seeing a shift in their style.

“Men are wearing their suits and dresses a lot more, so there is a real shift in how they dress,” says Zaid.

“They’re wearing pants or jackets or suits that reflect who they are and not necessarily their lifestyle.”

But not everyone is embracing the trend.

“There are a lot men who are not in love with the jeans,” says Adam.

“In some ways they’re not that interested in jeans, and they’re just wearing their jeans in general.”

Adam says that many men have become more accepting of their wardrobe and are just wearing the same clothes for the most part.

“For me, I’m more comfortable wearing a suit than a shirt and pants and ties,” he explains.

Adam is a college student in Portland, Oregon.

His name is Adam and he is a freshman at the University of Maine.

Adam was visiting family in Portland when he decided to get involved in men’s fashion.

He wears a suit as well as jeans and a T-shirt to a