Gucci and Tory Burt are back in the same fashion label again.

The brand unveiled the latest womens collection at the annual Cannes fashion show on Thursday, with Gucci showing off the new collection in full-length women’s silhouettes.

The collection, titled Women’s Wear: Women’s Sleeve and Blouse, is part of the Gucci womens division.

The womens line has also been making waves on Instagram in recent months, including this look from the upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 collection, which features a plunging floral print that’s reminiscent of the iconic blouse from the 1960s.

The women’s line is set to debut in stores later this year. 

The womens lines have been steadily gaining attention, with women’s brands including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dolce and Gabbanna’s Burt’s Bees all making their way to the fashion world in recent years.

Gucci is known for its elegant, masculine and vintage-inspired looks, but this collection may be the brand’s most daring yet.

The full-price collection is available at Gucci stores starting Thursday.

The new womens collections also include a women’s hoodie, a womens polo, and a womens turtleneck.

The men’s line has yet to be announced.

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