The first of two new wallets made by Carbon Fiber is the new carbon fiber carbon credit card wallet.

Designed to fit over your credit cards and pay bills on time, it is the first wallet to be built entirely from carbon fiber and offers a new level of durability and quality to the wallets market.

The wallet is made from carbon fibre that has been specially designed for use in the wallets of consumers, businesses and government agencies.

According to Carbon Fiber, the carbon fibre provides a strong, flexible and durable layer that is both lightweight and highly absorbent, which means it can withstand any amount of impact, even if it is only one small impact.

This means that even if you drop your credit card, it will be perfectly secure and the wallet will not slip off even if the user is standing up from their desk.

It also means that the wallet can be stored securely in your purse, in your pocket, or even in the back pocket of your jeans.

You can purchase a carbon fiber wallet through the new website Carbon, which also offers other new products including the Carbon Fiber Pro Wallet, which offers an enhanced security feature to the wallet, and the Carbon fiber Credit Card Wallet.

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With a price of $699.95 and an initial delivery of March 2, 2018, the Carbon Wallet is available for pre-order now.

We will be taking a look at more of the Carbon products in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can view our exclusive interview with Carbon Fiber CEO Mike Gant on how the wallet is being built and how they are going to make sure that it delivers the best possible quality and durability for consumers.