Woman who lost her baby in a car accident: “The world’s most beautiful woman”

Woman who was left in the car of a woman who died of a car crash has a message for the rest of us: “Just trust in yourself and keep driving.”

Linda Fadiman, 57, lost her child in a crash in January of this year.

It was Fadimen’s second child, and she was the first of four children.

She said that, as soon as she saw her baby’s heartbeat, she knew she had to get in the backseat of the car.

“I was in the middle of my job when my daughter died, and the last thing I wanted was to be in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

I knew something was wrong.

My heart just stopped,” she told The Daily Beast.”

When my husband and I found out, I thought he was going to drive away, and I thought, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, this is going to hurt.

I don’t want to be that guy who drives off with his daughter in the trunk of the vehicle.'”

But that’s how much I loved my baby, and my husband was so scared for me, so I stayed in the front seat.

“The accident happened in rural Alabama, and Fadimens family was not prepared for what happened next.

Fadimen told The Post that her husband was also in the vehicle and didn’t see her child. “

We were going to have a funeral, but there was a car that went over and killed my daughter,” she said.

Fadimen told The Post that her husband was also in the vehicle and didn’t see her child.

“I thought that they would have told us about my baby’s condition and the fact that I was in a critical condition, so that would have been the last time we would hear from them.”

After her husband died, Fadim’s mother called 911, but her phone and the phone number on the call were disconnected.

The police did not immediately return a call for comment from The Daily Caller.

Families and friends have since launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Fadimi pay for funeral expenses and medical bills.

“When she found out she was pregnant again, I just cried,” said Fadith.

“That’s what I needed.

That’s why I wanted to do it.

I wanted my baby to have the best of everything, and then she had the worst of everything. She died.”

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