Israel to introduce ‘amazing new mobile wallet’ that’s ‘more convenient than ever’

A new mobile device is expected to make its debut in Israel this year, as Israel moves to make a major push into the cryptocurrency market, including cryptocurrencies.

The Ministry of Communications announced that it will introduce a new mobile phone that will allow users to hold money online and withdraw cash from ATMs.

It will be available in three variants, with different features: a wallet for smartphones, a compact wallet for tablets, and a smart phone for mobile devices.

The new wallet will allow its users to store money and cash online without the need for an ATM card.

The government said the new smartphone would offer a “new dimension to the Israeli mobile market” and will “provide an easy and secure way to pay for things like food and travel, and store payments and receipts for business transactions.”

The ministry has launched a series of initiatives, including a “mobile wallet for everyday use” and an online platform that allows Israelis to receive payments and make payments on a computer.

The ministry has also launched the mobile payment app that will help Israelis pay for goods and services online.

The ministry said that this new mobile app will be used to make payments in real time, but that users will not need an ATM to receive a payment.

The new mobile payment system is “designed for Israelis who do not have a bank account, who do have a debit card, who are mobile and who want to be able to pay with their smartphone,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, the mobile wallet will include an online payment portal, which allows payments to be made to merchants and online purchases.

The app will also allow users “to pay for everything from groceries to the cost of a rental car without having to use a bank.”

The ministry will also expand its mobile payment portal with a payment service for restaurants and other businesses, and will provide an online service for those who want a financial service that is “more convenient for them.”

In addition to offering an online mobile payment service, the ministry will allow merchants to accept payments in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

The mobile payment platform will be open to businesses, including those that accept Bitcoin and Ether, and consumers will be able “to use the app to pay their bills in a digital currency that is legal to use,” the Ministry of Communication said.