An iPhone case bought by a Houston man in 2016 was worth $200 million, but the wallet was stolen, and it’s now being auctioned off.

Patricia Nash, 67, bought the iPhone case in 2015 in order to store her $200 iPhone, which was stolen from her apartment in December 2016.

Nash said she wanted to “put a stamp on this theft,” and she decided to auction the wallet to raise funds for her cancer research.

She said she hopes the wallet will help others find a way to protect themselves, and that the case could be used to help pay for cancer research or other causes.

“I just thought I was going to keep it,” Nash said.

Nash said she found out about the theft when she received a message from someone on Facebook that the wallet belonged to a woman in Dallas.

Nash immediately notified the woman, who told her she’d already received a letter from the city of Dallas.

A $200m iPhone case is now up for auction.

The Dallas Police Department said it has not confirmed whether the wallet is in fact Nash’s.

Dallas police said it is assisting Nash with the investigation.

The case was found in a closet at Nash’s apartment, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Nash’s daughter, Tricia Nash, said in an interview that the money will be donated to a cancer research fund.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the police department was notified of the theft in February.

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