A new line of wristlet wallets from Burberry and Tumi is set to launch in the United States this spring.

The new wallets feature a clip on the back of the wallet to secure it in a pocket, and offer the added benefit of adding a small, discreet pocket for easy access to cash.

The clip has also been expanded to cover a larger portion of the back, allowing the user to easily pull out a wallet or credit card with the clip and then access it without having to remove it from the wallet.

The wallet clip will be available in black, gray, and silver, with a price point of $19.99.

Burberry’s new wallets also feature a new design, which the brand claims is “a little more comfortable” than its previous designs.

The brand has also added a new logo and design for the wallet clip.

The Burrelli wallet clip was launched in October, and it has already made its way into retailers across the US.

The company also launched a similar clip in the UK.