Ripple is the virtual currency network that uses computers to manage payments and transfer wealth between people.

The technology has become a darling of the tech industry and Wall Street investors because it makes it possible to pay for things without banks, like in a car.

Now, Ripple is expanding beyond the technology it uses to transfer money and credit.

Here are five questions to ask when you hear the word Ripple.

Q: What does Ripple mean?

A: It’s a virtual currency.

This means that a person can use it to pay someone else for a specific thing.

For example, someone can use a credit card to pay a customer for groceries or pay a friend for a gift.

Q : How is Ripple working?

A : Ripple is a digital currency network.

It’s like a bank, but it has a lot of different features.

A person can send money to another person using a credit or debit card.

A transaction can take place without a bank or bank accounts.

Ripple is different from traditional banks because it is based on cryptography.

You can’t use a traditional bank account to make a transaction.

Ripple uses a computer to determine who owns the money it transfers and how much it is worth.

You pay someone for a service, like a meal, and the service is then added to the Ripple account.

A payment is not made until the person has received the payment.

Q.: What are the advantages of using Ripple?

A.: The advantage of using the Ripple network is that you don’t need a bank account or any other bank account for your payments.

Ripple payments are irreversible, so if you don.t get paid, the money will be lost forever.


What is the difference between a credit and debit card?

A. A credit card allows a person to make purchases at retail stores without a third party like a store.

A debit card allows the same person to send money without any bank accounts or banks.

Q .

What does “Ripple” mean?

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