LONDON – Lisbonian fashion house Gucci is launching a new range of men’s and women’s men’s wallets.

The collection is designed to be more personal and to appeal to the broader man.

It features new designs such as a custom made chambray shirt, hand-cut leather bag and a pair of custom-made cufflinks.

The range is part of the brand’s “Gucci Collection” concept, and is set to be launched at London Fashion Week.

Gucci’s collection is based on the designer’s own ideas and reflects the fashion house’s mission of empowering men to stand out and to make the most of their wealth.

Its first collection will be released at the start of next year, with a second in 2020.

Its design will be inspired by Gucci’s “Slim-Curve” and “Dirty Cut” collections.

Its designs include the classic “Solo” design, the “Soho” style and the “Tropical” collection, as well as a collection of “Terrific” designs.

The new collection is the latest in a series of Gucci-branded products to hit the market.

The designer unveiled its first range of man’s wallets at the London Fashion week, with the collection being designed by Guiseppe Zanotti, who has worked with fashion icons such as Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors and Paul Smith.