Posted September 29, 2018 06:07:18 Target is one of the most trusted retailers in the U.S. and its wallet is loaded with features that are well worth the extra cash.

The company’s Target Wallet will be the first to have a new design in 2019, and the company says the redesigned cards are ready for shoppers to purchase on November 11.

Target also says it will have 50 million Target cards in the bank by the end of the year.

It’s not clear how many of those will be used in the store.

The $15 million target is a bit low, but Target has been one of our favorite retailers in 2018.

With $2 billion in spending in 2017, the retailer’s total sales are likely higher than some of the others listed here.

But even with a $2 million target, the card’s current price tag is a little pricey.

If you can’t get your hands on a Target card before the holiday season, you can check out our list of best savings and perks for 2018 here.

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