FourFour2 is a brand new blog about buying a new pair of wallet. Read more It’s a tough task but, as you’ll soon find out, the process is relatively painless and it’s worth it.

I bought a pair of men’s wallets for $30 at a Target last week and I’ve been able to make a profit by buying at Target.

To get a sense of how the process went, I’ll take you through the process I went through to buy the best pair of wallets I could find.

The key is to shop carefully and follow all the instructions, as it will make your wallet more secure and comfortable for you and your family.


Buy at Target To buy a pair, you need to go to Target. 

This is where you can get the best deal on a pair by following all the directions to your heart’s content.


Find the right pair The first thing to do is find a pair to buy.

You’ll need to search Target for men’s wallet brands and select the men’s brand that best matches your wallet needs.


Find a pair for the right price Once you’ve found a pair you like, you’ll need a new address.

Target does not provide a new shopping address for you so you’ll have to create one online and fill in the form below.


Enter the new address online and then scan your receipt to verify the address.

You’ll need this address in your wallet to pay the balance.


Wait for the wallet to arrive Once the wallet has arrived, it’s time to wait for it.

You may need to scan the receipt several times before the wallet arrives.

If it’s too late to do so, you can just scan the card and scan it again at checkout.


Pay the balance on the new wallet online You’ll pay the total balance and then you can send the wallet back to Target for processing.


Review the transaction The transaction details will look something like this: Target received your new wallet.

Total Balance: $50.00 Target received the payment for your wallet.

You can pay the remaining balance to your card.

Payment made: $20.00 Received your card number.

Transaction complete.


Review your receipt online to confirm the transaction The receipt will be scanned and sent to you.


Return the wallet The wallet can be returned to Target and the total payment will be credited to your account.


Review receipt online again to confirm receipt The receipt from Target will be printed and sent.


Receive a new card number After you receive your new card, you should be able to re-enter the card number from your old receipt and you’ll be able scan your card online to verify your new number.