You have a battery in your iPhone.

You just got a new iPhone.

It looks great and is charging your phone.

Then suddenly, it starts to drain faster than usual.

Your battery is drained.

And your iPhone doesn’t charge fast enough.

What can you do?

A quick look at your iPhone battery history might give you some insight into why you might be experiencing this.

How can I tell if my iPhone 6S battery is low?

You can check your battery by pressing the Volume Down button.

You can see the number of charged cells on the battery indicator.

If you see the green number, you have an iPhone 6 S battery.

If the number is black, you might have an older iPhone 6 battery.

What if my battery gets worse?

If your battery gets very low, you’ll need to replace your iPhone’s battery.

Check your phone battery by holding down the power button until the power LED turns red.

If it’s yellow, your iPhone is not charging fast enough to get you through the day.

You might need to use a third-party charger to get your battery up to full capacity.

You’ll also need to turn on Airplane Mode or turn off Bluetooth on your phone so your phone can talk to your iPhone (and vice versa).

How can you check your iPhone batteries?

You need to charge your iPhone by following these steps: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General.

Tap Battery Usage.

Select Charge.

Click on the Power LED to the right of the number to see the battery charge percentage.

If your iPhone charges quickly enough, it’s not low enough to be considered low.

If there’s a long, yellow-green battery indicator, you’ve got a low battery.

Follow the steps below to get the battery back to full.

Follow these steps to get it back to normal: Open your Settings app.

Go to General, and tap Battery Usage, Battery Life, and Battery Level.

Tap the Power button on the screen next to the percentage of charged battery.

Tap Check.

You should see a green number next to your battery, indicating that your iPhone has enough charge left.

If that number is green, you’re at full capacity again.

If no green number appears next to that percentage, your battery is at full charge.

Follow steps 4 through 6 to get a green percentage on your battery.

To make sure your battery remains at its full capacity, turn on Bluetooth on or off and then open your phone’s Settings app again.

Check the Battery Level to see if you still have enough charge on the iPhone to get through the next day.

If so, your phone is back to charging fast and ready for the next call.

How to check your iPad battery: Open a Settings app and tap General.

Check Battery Life.

You’re at Battery Level 5, which means that your iPad has enough battery left to charge for a day.

Open your settings app.

Tap General and then the Battery Status.

Tap Charge.

You’ve got enough charge for the day!

Follow the battery status instructions above.

If, when you’re done, you still don’t see a percentage indicating that the battery is full, then you’ve probably got a short battery.

The best thing to do is turn off Airplane mode and Bluetooth on and off until your phone charges fast enough again.

How do I get my iPhone to charge faster?

You may want to turn off any Bluetooth features you have.

For example, you can turn off the ability to set up Airplane Bluetooth on a device by holding the Power key down for a few seconds.

The Airplane setting is disabled by default.

The following steps will get your iPhone to use Airplane features on your device more quickly: Open Settings and tap Airplane.

You need a Bluetooth device with a Bluetooth chip in it.

Make sure the Bluetooth chip is in your Bluetooth device.

Turn on AirPlay.

Press and hold the Power Button for a couple seconds to turn the Bluetooth on.

Connect your Bluetooth to your phone and then tap the Power or Volume Down buttons to power on the Bluetooth device to make sure the pairing process works.

Open Settings, then tap General, then Battery.

You may have to choose Bluetooth when you first check your device battery level.

If not, follow the instructions above to make your iPhone do the same.

If a Bluetooth partner isn’t listed, you probably don’t have a Bluetooth pair on your computer or iPhone.

If none of the steps above work, try the following steps: Turn off Bluetooth and then turn on your Bluetooth phone.

Open a settings app on the computer or smartphone and tap Bluetooth.

Press the Power Key to turn Bluetooth on, then press the Volume Up button to turn AirPlay on.

Turn Bluetooth off.

You have to turn it on manually, or your Bluetooth pairing may not work.

You also have to wait for your Bluetooth partner to be connected.

Follow step 4 through 8 for the full process.

You now have a much more efficient way to charge both your

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