Gucci is bringing its wallet app to Android, making it available to the wider world for the first time.

The wallet will integrate with Coinbase, Binance, Bancor and many other services, allowing users to store their assets, buy bitcoin, trade fiat currencies, and more.

Users can also manage their wallets from the wallet itself, with the option to share the wallet with family and friends.

The wallet also supports QR codes and QR codes can be scanned and signed, meaning it will work on smartphones and tablets.

The app will be compatible with Google Wallet, and users can create a new wallet by simply creating a new account and linking it to the account they want to use.

Users can also store their bitcoin, altcoins and fiat currencies in the wallet, and also create their own custom wallets.

This will allow users to easily move funds around their wallet.

Gucci Wallet is also available in beta, which means that users can test it out and see if it is working properly before purchasing the wallet.

The company has already launched an Android wallet for the Pebble, as well as a wallet for Apple Watch.