Kohls and Dior have released their wallet, the M-Wallet, to compete with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Kohls has been promoting the M.

Wallet as the “world’s first” bitcoin wallet.

“The M. Wallet is the first in the world to integrate Dior’s sophisticated security features to deliver a truly seamless user experience,” the wallet’s developers wrote in a blog post.

Kolles said the wallet could help people save on expenses and “enjoy their daily life more safely”.

“The most important thing for any user to understand about the M Wallet is that it is the world’s first bitcoin wallet,” the developer wrote.

“It is the safest way to use bitcoin in Australia.”

Bitcoin has surged more than 200 per cent since it launched on the world stage in 2009.

Kols, the Swiss luxury brand, has been one of the most prominent proponents of bitcoin, particularly in the US.

The brand’s M. wallet was recently added to the official store of Apple Pay.

In March, the company launched a smartphone app called M.wallet that enables users to store and retrieve bitcoin in the palm of their hands.