In the midst of a national debate about coin security, a new startup is trying to solve a problem with the coin itself: it’s made of aluminum.

A new coin called The ArcWallet by the company that makes the device, Arc, is one of several companies trying to improve the security of coins, and one that has the potential to be a game-changer.

The ArcWallet is an aluminum version of the current standard coin, the American Eagle Eagle.

The aluminum alloy is also used in the metal wallets and coins of many countries around the world, including Japan.

The device, which is currently in its testing phase, works by attaching a magnetic strip to the top of a coin and pulling it back.

This allows it to be moved around by its own weight, which means the coin’s weight does not affect the security properties of the coin.

The metal strip is also attached to the inside of the ArcWallet, making it easy to secure.

The metal strip can be secured to the front or back of the device by placing it over a coin, and the two can then be connected by attaching the Arc Wallet to a cable.

The coin can be attached to a regular metal wallet by inserting the coin into a slot.

If the coin is moved to a different slot, the Arc wallet will replace the coin with a new one.

The silver and gold versions of the metal coin are made of different metals, but the metal strips are compatible with the same metal wallet.

The Arc Wallet uses nickel, nickel-iron and gold-plated nickel.

The company says the metal-plating is so strong, that when a coin is pulled out of the wallet, the metal strip won’t be damaged.

It’s important to note that the Arcwallet doesn’t require any additional components, like a coin or coinplate.

Arc is currently working on a device that can be used to protect your coins from being stolen.

The price of the aluminum Arc Wallet is $75, and it has an average of 3,000 orders per day.

It will be launched in October.ABC News’ Brian Ross contributed to this report.

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