New York: Banks are taking down cryptocurrency wallet apps, threatening users’ privacy

The Wall Street Journal published a story on Tuesday about banks removing crypto wallets from their apps and warning users not to use the services.

The WSJ story stated that many of the apps are now inaccessible because they have been removed from the iOS app store, which means users can no longer access them from the desktop.

In a statement to the WSJ, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company is working to remove apps from the app store that are “unusable or not compatible with iOS 7 or later.”

According to the spokesperson, Apple has removed apps from all of its apps and services.

Users of these apps should not attempt to open them, the spokesperson said.

While the WSZ article mentions some of the wallet apps that are no longer available, the article also mentions some others that are still available, including a few wallet apps specifically for users of the MacOS X version of macOS.

It is unknown how many wallets are still running on the Mac, but users are still able to use those wallets to make payments using the Apple Pay mobile payment system.

The spokesperson for Apple Pay said that Apple Pay is not compatible to cryptocurrency wallets, but did not provide further details.

Apple Pay users have been able to pay using the mobile payments app for several months, but this issue has caused a lot of people to be frustrated with Apple Pay.

Users have been reporting issues with the app and it has caused users to lose access to their funds.

A number of people have reported that their wallet apps are no more available on Apple Pay, including the Mac users mentioned in the WSWJ article.