You need to remember how to store your phone card to avoid the hassle of making it vanish when you change your phone number or phone number location.

Here are the key steps you’ll need to follow to protect your phone from theft:1.

Set up your phone for a contact card.2.

Set your contact card to accept payments through the contact card number.3.

Make sure you have your phone password in place for the contact number.4.

Send the contact information for the number you wish to use to your contact person.5.

Keep a close eye on your contact’s phone for signs of theft or tampering.6.

If you lose your contact number, check for a replacement number.

If a contact loses his phone number, he can always contact you via text message.7.

Call your contact to confirm that the contact has your phone’s contact information.8.

Keep your phone handy at all times.9.

Use the phone to make calls and send and receive calls on a regular basis.10.

Keep the phone card in your purse or briefcase.11.

Carry a phone wallet at all time.12.

Be prepared to make a call with your phone to check on the status of your call.13.

When you change or move your phone numbers, ensure that your phone is accessible at all phone number locations.14.

Keep track of your contacts’ phone numbers so that you can call them if they need your help.15.

Remember to keep your phone cards and contact information with you.16.

Keep copies of all phone cards in your phone and contact book.