Long-time fashion critic, editor and blogger Lauren Vannelli recently had an epiphany.

As an aspiring designer, she was struggling to find inspiration for her collection.

The idea of spending a few hours browsing the racks of her favourite brands was daunting.

What if they all had the same name?

What if some of them were inauthentic?

So she decided to go out and find the inspiration in her favourite stores.

“I’d go to my favourite department store and browse the racks, and I’d notice things that I thought were really good, but I’d also notice things I didn’t like, so I’d take them out and see if I could use them for inspiration,” she says.

But she was surprised to discover that many of the brands she was searching for didn’t really have anything new to offer.

So she created her own blog, where she shared the best and worst finds in her collection, sharing her own thoughts on the products and how they worked.

Vannellis collection has since gone viral, and now she’s on a mission to educate designers and consumers on how to find the most inspiring brands for their wallets.

“So I have a mission, I’m trying to get people to think of new ways of looking at fashion and how to take a look at it and say ‘this is what I like,'” she says, adding that the most important thing she learned from the project was to never judge a brand based on its name alone.

The results are all in the pastels.