A new version of the Sakroots Wallet is now available to buy and store your credit card and debit cards.

The new version is a completely redesigned wallet, which looks and feels much like the one you get on your smartphone, as well as is more user-friendly.

This means that the wallet has more customizable design options than the old one, and it has a built-in “card drawer,” allowing you to easily and securely store and access your credit cards and debit card balances.

You can now add a personal note, with the ability to add notes to your purchase or a purchase from your friends list, to your wallet.

It also has a new “card view” feature that lets you look at your card history and check balances, as opposed to just viewing the amount you paid.

The Sakroots wallet is also now available in Canada.

The wallet can be purchased for $20, and will be available in the fall.